Our Services

Software Development

Our members have accumulated years of experience building and running software in some of the most complex and challenging environments. We are used to the constraints specific to the deployment of software in clinical settings. Our toolset, practices and expertise will help you get to business value quickly and eficiently.

  • Web first
  • Data driven
  • Cloud ready
  • Simplicty and clarity by design

Project management

With an experience that spans projects ranging from on-site software deployment to province wide initiatives, the people of Atmodyne are ready to steer your project through the challenges and uncertainty to a successful conclusion.


With awareness that incidental, artificial complexity is the enemy of responsive, maintainable and adaptable software we bring a focus on achieving your business value goals. A predefined technology stack, and methodology, that is constantly being refined as it meets the real world, helps us bring those distilled experiences to every new client, greatly increassing the odds of success.