MiList is a web based patient handoff platform for collaborative management of a team's patient cohort.



Closure is a tracking system for medical requisitions. Doctors and patients can keep abreast of the status, results and next steps on requisitioned tests and procedures.


Atmo Platform

Atmo is modern. Atmo is web-based. Atmo is cloud first. Atmo can save your company up to 40% of the development time and 60% of the maintenance costs, when compared with traditionally developed apps.


Our community projects

At Atmodyne we like to contribute back to the community. These are some of Atmodyne's Open Source projects

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Domino Dataflow Engine

Domino is a data flow engine that helps you organize the interactions between your data model and events. Domino allows you to declare your business logic using a directed acyclic graph of events and effects. Whenever an external change is transacted to the data model, the graph determines the chain of events that will be executed, and side effects triggered as a result of the computation.

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Cryogen is a simple static site generator built with Clojure. It's shipped on Leiningen so setup is fuss free and there's no need to mess with databases or other CMS systems.